Audio Book: It's Only Too Late If You Don't Start Now (360 minutes)

Barbara Sher has transformed the lives of millions with her phenomenally successful books, workshops, and television appearances. Now, in a work that explores and demystifies one of life's most challenging and bewildering passages, she shatters the myth that turns midlife into a crisis and offers a bold new strategy for creating a new life after forty.

In this Audio Book, Barbara reads from the book and shows you how to rediscover the inspired, enthusiastic adventurer you wanted to be before you became the responsible adult you had to be. In her warm, conversational style, she brings home the book's deepest messages: According to Sher, it's never too late to start over. In fact, midlife is the perfect time to do so, a time when dreams for the future and experiences of the past finally come together. "The second life," as Sher calls it, can be even better than the first. More important, it would have been impossible to make these crucial realizations until now. Discover:

  • How to make life's built-in "time limit" work for you
  • Which of your "regrets" can point the way to a more rewarding life
  • How to identify--and overcome--the illusions that stop you from living your dreams
  • Dozens of ways to recapture your freedom... without succumbing to "road fever," trophy-mate collecting, or other midlife maladies.

Combining step-by-step strategies with provocative exercises and motivational techniques, this extraordinary audio book revisits the dreams you abandoned along the path to adulthood and provides all the tools you will need to weave those aspirations into a richly textured, meaningful life. Beginning with the empowering notion that our most precious gifts are still waiting to be discovered, Barbara Sher shows you how to turn each of midlife's challenges into a catalyst for dynamic change. Indeed, no matter what your age, it's only too late--to reclaim your creativity, recapture your long-lost dreams, and embark on an exciting new life--if you don't start right now!

6 hours of listening time
8 CDs, Audio Cassettes or easy-to-download MP3 files

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