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Barbara Sher's WriteSpeak Program

Barbara Sher's Write Speak ProgramHow to Write Your Own Success Story

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Barbara Sher's WriteSpeak Program

Part 1: One Day Teleworkshop - (February 6, 2010)
Part 2:
5 Day Retreat - (May 7 - 12, 2010)

Part 3: 12 Session Course - (To be announced)

For many years, at the end of my workshops, people would stand up and say, "I want to do what you do." I'd ask how many other people wanted the same thing and dozens of people would raise their hands! My answer has always been the same: I want you to do what I do and I'll do everything I can to help you!

And I'd try to do it then and there.

If you're one of the people who took notes like crazy while I rattled off the bare bones of my system for finding your own message and the perfect audience, becoming a well-paid speaker and writing a first-rate, successful book that will really help people (without sacrificing years of your life) I think you'll be glad to (finally) read the following announcement:


This long-awaited program will continue on February 6, 2010
with my one-day "WriteSpeak" workshop.

You're in for an exciting and profound learning experience. I intend to show you exactly what you must know to bring forth the visionary leader inside you.

"Visionary leader?!" you might be saying. "Don't let my family hear that one or they'll die laughing." But if you've wondered about whether you have what it takes to share what you've learned with the world, listen carefully.

If you've ever confronted difficult problems in your life and you sought and found ways to solve them (from raising a kid to building a home), you know something you should be telling the rest of us. And if you've felt the urge to share your knowledge to help others, then chances are very good that you have three of the four essentials you need to be a successful author and speaker.

1. You have personal experience with the struggle to create a good life, so you know how tough that struggle can be.
2. You've searched long and hard to find a solution so you know the steps that are needed.
3. You dream of sharing what you've learned and you're happiest when you're helping someone with your knowledge.

What's the fourth essential?

4. You need someone to show you how. You don't need another cheer-leading session that creates a temporary surge of enthusiasm, you need to know the actual steps to creating a successful career from those first three essentials. You need an experienced hand to guide you and keep you on message, someone who will teach you to be a compelling speaker with fire in your words, not by throwing a handful of glib suggestions at you, but by walking you through hands-on experience and giving you supportive critiques. And you need someone to bring out the quality book that's inside you and show you where to find capable, ethical editors to help you organize and polish it. And you need to know the many ways you can get published, including the traditional route with an agent and major publishing house.

Maybe you've been to one of those huge, overpriced conferences with dozens of presenters pitching their products and promising to make you a multi-millionaire. Maybe you've gotten something useful there, or maybe you felt disappointed, but you know that you really need a small class and a dedicated teacher who is powerfully motivated to bring out the very best you've got inside you because she wants you to share it with the world.

Barbara Sher BooksIf you're on my mailing list, I assume you know about me. (If not, click here to read my bio: ['About Barbara' on]. I love what I do. I never thought I'd be passionate about one career for over 30 years, but that's what has happened. In that time I've designed and given hundreds of well-received speeches and workshops to associations and Fortune 100 companies, appeared nationally on dozens of major television shows and have had 5 of my own public TV specials airing year after year.

But when I started running workshops in 1976 I had never heard of a ‘speaker.’ I was completely on my own, a single mother with two little boys and not an extra dime in my pocket. One friend designed small flyers and loaned me the money to print them up; two others helped me slap them up on lamp posts (illegally, I think) in the middle of the night. When no one signed up, we wrote "sold out" on that date and slapped them up again the next week. Finally I hauled everyone I knew into the room for no money at all, just so I could give the first workshops. I had to learn this business step by step, every step by trial and error. I learned how to get written up in major magazines and newspapers because I couldn't afford advertising. When those articles resulted in calls from literary agents, I learned how to write a book that had my real voice (though I had never done it before) while holding down two jobs and taking care of my home and kids.

I wrote my first book in 1978. It was published by a major publisher and has now sold around a million copies. Since then I've written six more books. They have been translated into many languages and have stayed in print and continue to sell well. They've appeared on bestseller lists, have won awards, and I'm very proud of them. Best of all, I get letters and emails every day from people thanking me for how my work has helped them . Along with my speaking career, my books have also provided me with a comfortable and deeply satisfying life.

I understand completely why you might want to do what I do.

Last year, I decided to act on my wish to pass on my knowledge to those of you who are talented and as passionate as I am.

I believe with all my heart that the world needs the talent that each and every one of us was born with. If your desires lie in the direction of speaking, coaching, and/or putting your message in a book, there's a high probability that you have gifts in that area. I'd be interested in helping you find your gifts and your voice, and, if you find this career suits you, I'd be honored to help give you the start you need. I know how to do that. It's one of my gifts.

And it's the gift I still owe to the world.

(May 7 - 12, 2010)

After you complete the Part I workshop you can apply to attend the Write Your Own Success Story 5-day Retreat. If there is room for you and I feel you'll benefit from participating I'll be happy to include you. If not, I'll refund your full deposit without penalty.

For each retreat, I book a very special retreat location, one where we can get comfortable and have the run of the place. We'll begin on Friday evening and you'll be finished Wednesday morning. The first evening you'll meet your fellow aspiring Write-Speakers and we'll get to work at once. Over the course of the retreat you'll learn a completely new way to create your book and to become a successful speaker. When you leave your book will be started and you'll know how to make it an original, honest and enlightening book. You'll also know how to present your work face-to-face in front of an audience with poise and confidence, even if you think you're not a speaker. (In fact, it's easier if you're not a speaker when you start!) And you'll do all this in a completely new way, without giving up years of your life to do it. You'll have a carefully designed, realistic plan of action that suits who you are and how you live. And you'll have a personal team of your own to cheer you on and keep you going until you've arrived!


This part of the program has been open to only 10 people until now, but in future everyone who has attended a WriteSpeak retreat will be eligible to attend. You'll receive every lesson and teleclass that the original classes are using to reach their goals. The program is identical. The changes? The cost will be greatly reduced, and you can work at your own pace. You'll still have a buddy system to cheer you on and keep you going whenever you want it and you'll develop your message, step by step, and create your book and your presentation with a completely new method of writing than you've ever used before.

When you finish Part III you'll have your completed book -- both an eBook and hardcopy, if you like -- and your presentation ready to go.

But that's not all because the second 6 months of the program focuses on letting the world know who you are. You'll have your own weblog, website, mailing list and newsletter. You'll be completely comfortable speaking on your subject and setting up teleclasses. You'll know how to get into print media and be published in ezines as well as setting up a press kit to send to associations and companies that will hire you to speak. As soon as your message is ready and your website is prepared to have visitors, I'll interview you on my internet radio show (and tell you how to start your own!). You're going to have everything you need to create your lucrative speaking career. (Some students become paid speakers by the 10th month of the program!)

In other words, you'll be in business, doing what you love, helping your listeners and readers lead better lives and you'll be thanked for it. You'll be paid for it, too. You're going to make a real difference in this world doing what you love best, and you'll feel the satisfaction that comes from that amazing combination.

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