Barbara Sher's Refuse to Choose

"Designed to help you enjoy your many interests without feeling overwhelmed and unfocused"

-Metro New York

Refuse to Choose by Barbara SherDon't know what to do with your life?

Are you drawn to so many things you can't choose one?

Do you ache to find the right direction so you can settle down and just do it?

Barbara Sher has the answer—do EVERYTHING!

With her popular career counseling sessions, motivational speeches, workshops, and television specials, Barbara Sher has become famous for her extraordinary ability to help people define and achieve their goals. What Sher has discovered is that some individuals simply cannot, and should not, decide on a single path; they are genetically wired to pursue many areas. Sher calls them "Scanners"—people whose unique type of mind does not zero in on a single interest but rather scans the horizon, eager to explore everything they see.

In this groundbreaking book, readers will learn:

  • what's behind their "hit and run" obsessions
  • when (and how) to finish what they start
  • how to do everything they love
  • what type of Scanner they are (and which tools they need to do their very best work)


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