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Scanners - Barbara's Three Part Teleclass Series now on audio!

Do you (or someone you care about) feel stuck because you want to do so many things you can't decide on just one? If so, you're a Scanner, and a very lucky person. What you thought was a handicap is actually a gift.

Now available for the first time, this is Barbara's hugely popular 3-session Scanner teleclass.

Teleclass #1: What is a Scanner and are you one? The little-known secrets behindwhat makes a Scanner tick. Some of the many different kinds of scanners. Can you change? Should you try (again)?

Teleclass #2: Project management for Scanners; Barbara says Scanners must do everything they love and she shows you exactly how to do it.

Teleclass#3: A great career for Scanners is one that is endlessly entertaining, or one Barbara calls 'the good-enough job' which subsidizes Scanners so they can entertain themselves on their own time. (Scanners are fast learners and boredom is a constant threat!)


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Scanners - Barbara's Three PartTeleclass Series

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