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Thanks for taking the time to write me. While I don't often have time to answer your letters personally, I try to read them whenever I can. If it's appropriate, my assistant will send you a detailed letter about how to find most of the information you need.

Sometimes, however, I will make the time to write a personal answer if I feel your question represents the concerns of many people and our exchange would help them achieve their dreams. In that case, I'd need your permission to use your letter (along with my answer). I'll always keep your identity anonymous, of course, by changing any details I think might identify you. If you do not wish to give your permission, select "Do not publish" from the choice list at the bottom of this screen.

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If it is possible for Barbara to send you a personal response, she will do so only if you are willing to have your question published. If you will allow her to publish your question, please select "OK to Publish."

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